Stewardship – What is God’s Business?

February 8, 2011

Stewardship is about taking care of God’s business.  In Matthew chapter 16 Jesus told His disciples that he was going to be killed, to suffer and be the payment for the sins of all mankind.  Peter actually rejected that idea.  Reacting to Peter, Christ rebuked him stating that Peter was not setting his interest on God’s interests.

God has a vision.  God has a plan for what He wants to accomplish.  In many cases we like Peter do not have God’s vision or purpose in mind.

In John chapter 9 verse 4 Jesus tell us that we must work the works of Him who sent us as long as it is day. Night is coming when no man can work.  So realizing we have a limited amount of time and a huge task before us, we must marshal our resources to make them available for what Christ is trying to accomplish in and through our lives here on earth.

Well, what is God’s business?  Really, God is in the people business.  Obviously the most valuable possession God has is Christ.  He has traded His most valuable possession for you and me and all mankind down through the ages.  So we can see that the reaching of the world for Christ and the reconciliation of the world to God is really God’s business.  That’s what God is all about.

He’s actually taken it one step further.  In Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus tells us to go and make disciples of all the nations.  To baptize them and teach them to practice all the things He has taught us.  He promised that He would always be with us, would empower us and provide all the resources we need to do that.  Think of stewardship as not merely coming up with a budget or giving, but understanding what God wants to accomplish through your life and marshaling your resources in order to accomplish it.


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